FiveFest - November / DECEMBER 2017

We're asking businesses across the city to donate events, workshops, experiences and more to contribute towards our goal of making Christmas better for those in need. 

Taking part is easy - simply come up with something you can offer and you'll be added to our listings. All proceeds raised go to charities based in Bristol. We'd love to talk ideas with you too - just ask.

We've created a few guidelines to help;
> Please offer a minimum of 10 tickets towards the campaign.
> You can offer goods, services, events - just check with us if you're unsure.
> For large events, we may be able to offer assistance on checking ticket holders.

About Tikk
Tikk is Bristol's secure, ethical ticketing platform, changing event ticketing for good. This campaign is about giving back to the community. The cost of managing this campaign and ticketing are being covered by us.

Those who have purchased tickets will present them in the Tikk app. Seeing them within the app is normally enough to verify tickets. We will send guidance on redemptions before you need to offer your rewards.

Your involvement is key to the success of this campaign. We ask all participants to engage with the project on social media and engage your audiences to make this a great success, for all the right reasons.


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