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Tikk is a new, mobile ticketing app for Bristol and we're inviting you to host events with us. It's easy working with Tikk: no upfront costs, low commission on sales and simple management.

For event groups such as city festivals, list events under a dedicated channel to make it easier selling tickets for different events or venues. Combine fundraisers, support events or post event club nights alongside your main event. If you host events throughout the year, keep them together on your own channel and make it easy for fans to buy repeat tickets.

For independent businesses, Tikk encourages you to hold events while we handle the paperwork (or lack of). Fill empty spaces, attract new customers and bring in new revenue. You can join one of our open channels or collaborate with other independents to launch a whole new channel with your own theme and message. 



Independent businesses can use Tikk to host small events. Be creative and reach a new audience. Plus you could join one of our open channels for inspiration.


We'll handle ticketing, admin and support so you can focus on your events. Fast, secure ticket scanning and dedicated account management throughout.


Tikk is ideal for city wide events and festivals. Host multiple events in your own dedicated channel and provide fans with a fast, convenient way to buy tickets.


Introducing Channels on Tikk

Channels present a new way to explore what's happening in your city. They hold groups of themed or linked events.

An independent business or promoter can host an event within one of our open channels. We publish new channel ideas regularly. Open channels include;

Hop Stuff - A channel dedicated to craft beer culture. Open to bars, breweries and restaurants who want to host beer themed events.

That's The Spirit - A channel for bartenders, spirit brands, cocktail venues and restaurants who want to host events with spirit.

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City wide events, festivals, venues and groups of independent businesses can host a dedicated channel then group events. This makes it easy to direct fans to buy tickets and receive maximum exposure on the app.

By collaborating with other independent businesses, you can launch your own dedicated channel on Tikk. 

Our pre-registration tool can build interest prior to releasing tickets so we can notify users the moment events are listed.



Your Event

It's simple - no hidden booking fees or transaction charges. It's free to download Tikk on iOS and Android. Registered users can buy tickets in a few taps. You can set box office times and plan around your existing launch efforts. Include branding, venue details and anything you wish in the event description.

Web based views make it easy for people to view and share your event before downloading Tikk.

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Mobile Ticketing

Tikk presents a mobile approach to ticketing. No paper, no emails, no websites - all tickets purchased on Tikk are stored securely within a digital wallet on the app. 

We've developed Tikk to reduce ticket touting and fraud offering 4 levels of customer verification available on entry, duplicate ticket verification and built in secondary functionality. We can even verify customers without showing their ticket.

Ticket scanning is fast and secure with built in security checks to protect you and your customers.




Introducing: Relist

Tikk merges primary and secondary ticketing, offering ticket holders the chance of relisting unwanted tickets. Once an event has sold out, relisted tickets are offered to other users. 

All handled within the app, Relist doesn't impact your ability to sell out an event. If anything, it encourages it, removing a barrier of uncertainty for ticket buyers who have an opportunity to offload unwanted tickets should their circumstances change.

That means no selling over social media, less frustration for fans looking for tickets to a sold out event, less admin for organisers handling requests to sell or buy unwanted tickets and of course, no touting.

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