Tikk offers a simple, secure app for selling tickets. For agencies and advertising outlets, our managed service handles the ticketing while you focus on creative, marketing and delivery for your clients. Combine our service with your next pitch and you're away.


There's nothing nice about being hit by booking or transaction fees. Tikk is changing behaviour around ticketing with no stealth charges for our users. Simple, clear pricing.

For organisers, listing an event is simple & fixed price. Listings start at £100 including all fees and check-in support.

Made To Impress

Offer your contacts something new. Put your clients in the spotlight with dedicated channels on the app and featured mini sites on this website. 

Check-In Support

We'll come and support your event by handling event entry and ticket scanning for ticket buyers, letting you focus on delivering the event and looking after your client.


Ticketing, Managed

Drop us the details, send across some pictures - and you're done. Listing on Tikk is simple. We'll manage any aftersales, customer support and keep you up to date. 



Tikk is an independent ticket platform based in Bristol, proud to support independent events and businesses, with technology to rival the biggest ticketing sites.

A mobile wallet for local events, where you can buy tickets in a few taps

Get Involved

We're looking for promoters, venues and independent businesses who can host events with Tikk. We're all about bringing inclusivity to ticketing, so we welcome all ideas.

You can suggest events to sit within one of our open channels; these are groups of themed events or events alongside an existing major event. Get creative, collaborate, try something new - we'll do all that we can to support.

Need a venue? We can introduce you to someone - just ask.

A managed ticketing partner for agencies and advertising outlets

Event Ideas

If you're new to running events, here are some ideas. We're keen to discuss and support creative listings that deliver for your clients. Events build loyalty with both new and existing customers. Be innovative and fill quiet times.

Launches - A product launch, new menu launch, new guest chef - what a great reason to throw a party. Use a launch on Tikk to announce something new about a brand or indie business.

Collaborative - Team up likeminded businesses - a collaborative event is ideal for independent businesses and start-ups who wish to make some noise about themselves.

Sponsored - Get a headline sponsor to sponsor a channel with their brand the centre of attention. With costs covered, invite smaller businesses to host events for free.

Festival - Got what it takes to managed a city wide festival? Co-ordinate multiple events and generate a buzz with your own group of themed events and maximum exposure on Tikk.

Our channels group independents to form new city wide events or link to existing major events


Here's a summary of open channels where you can list events. Get publicity, attract new customers, make use of vacant spaces and have some fun doing it. Further details are password protected so please contact us below to request access.

Uniting independent promoters, venues and businesses on one ticket platform

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