Changing Ticketing For Good

Tikk is a ticketing tech company based in Bristol, United Kingdom. Our products to date have addressed problems faced by event organisers and ticket buyers.

Our aim is to create fantastic consumer products that bring a culture change in ticketing. Ongoing research with partners in events, attractions and tourism show there are incredible opportunities for positive change. While ticketing is a saturated market, it is ripe for innovation. We're answering the precise needs of customers while putting the consumer first.




The Tikk App was launched in 2017 with a focus on ticket touting and fraud. With an understanding that touting is driven by secondary ticketing websites, Tikk worked with Bristol based product agency Simpleweb on releasing an app that merged primary and secondary ticketing. While such services exist from major ticketing companies, none of them eliminated secondary profiteering that fuels touting or did it without taking a cut. 

The reasons for exploring this were obvious. The amount of media coverage and public awareness of touting has been inflated over the last couple of years. Touting has moved on from a street trader pushing tickets on the night to large, overseas companies sweeping up tickets before some consumers can buy them. It's not only bad for the consumer - event organisers and artists also feel the pressure and despite efforts, touting doesn't go away.

Our focus during development was deploying an integrated primary and secondary ticketing platform that allowed automated, fee free ticket reselling - we called this Relist. At launch in May 2017, it was a UK first. A few months later, we processed the first fully automated primary to secondary exchange between users. From sellout events, primary buyers got a full refund and secondary buyers didn't pay more than list price. This was a major consumer win.

The app proved that fee-free secondary ticketing is possible and that traditional secondary ticketing is fuelled by profiteering from touts and the secondary ticketing platforms that actively support them.

Its channel approach to events makes the app well suited to grouped events - that's a collection of events under one banner such as Bristol Beer Week and Bristol Cocktail Week. Consumers are able to buy tickets to multiple events very quickly - we saw evidence of one user buying tickets to three different events in under 90 seconds. We challenge other platforms to do that! 

Read more about the Tikk app launched in January 2018 after extensive consultation with event organisers. An advanced online ticketing platform, this offers a wide number of features suited to the complex needs of larger events. It also answers some specific needs for non-profit events regarding data collection. Optional, anonymous data is useful to non-profits in their fundraising and grant efforts. 

Similar to the Tikk App, the website also insists on no hidden fees - the price you see is the price you pay. Our early events were able to celebrate removing hidden transaction fees during the checkout process, fees enforced by their previous ticketing providers, saving consumers thousands of pounds in stealth checkout fees. 

The website partners with designated marketing organisations, known as DMOs. These are the tourism bodies active in many cities and counties, such as Destination Bristol. This offers event organisers an optional marketing opportunity for using the platform.

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What's Next - We'll have more news during 2018.