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Bristol Cocktail Week - September 2017

Speakeasies, cocktail clubs, micro-distilleries - craft spirits are more popular than ever and now in it's 7th year, Bristol Cocktail Week is a celebration of cocktail culture and the skilful bartender's who live here.

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Bristol Beer Week - October 2017

The rise of the UK independent beer scene continues unabated and Bristol is proud to play a major part in its success. BRISTOL BEER WEEK celebrates the wonderful people at the core of the Bristol beer scene, home to some of the country's most lauded small breweries and independent establishments.


FREE FROM FESTIVAL - 28th October 2017

Free From Festival is UK’s 1st Food Festival that focuses on people that are living their life 'free from' gluten, dairy or refined sugar.


Celebration of Wine - 11th November 2017

Averys present their annual Celebration of Wine in November, giving you the choice to sample from over 100 different wines, learn from the producers and stock up for the festive season.